Nancy Tomee

Nancy giving speech

Nancy speaking in Lomut in the Pokot Tribal area

Nancy Tomee was sponsored by the CCLEF for four years of her secondary schooling in the Pokot region of Kenya. During her secondary education, Nancy staunchly resisted FGM and through her own struggle, developed a strong determination to encourage other girls to similarly resist.

Nancy drew the attention of Sara Nason, film-maker, who recognised Nancy’s activism and courage to stand up to local custom. Sara has documented Nancy’s story in “Nancy: A One Girl Revolution”.

Nancy spoke at the UN in New York in 2014 – “I am representing those that are demanding that change, for each girl needs to be a source of further change, and I am an ambassador”. Nancy subsequently received the Bianca Jagger Award for Courage.

Nancy still lives in Kenya and has a baby son.