sara nason portrait cropped 2Sara Nason 

Director-Producer & Camera

Little Green Island Films

Little Green Island Films was founded by Sara Nason, a former stills photographer turned documentary filmmaker. An award winning self-shooting director & producer, she has twice been finalist for the Rory Peck Sony Impact Award, and winner of two Webby Awards ( People and Judges Choice) for best single documentary.

A theme that runs throughout Sara’s work is her focus upon hopeful and inspiring stories which have impact.  She currently works in feature-length documentary attached to Impact Campaigns in order to use story telling to foster real social change. Her stories tend to be character led, with a strong observational component. She consciously uses the power of STORY to inspire viewers through the lives of remarkable ordinary people who are change makers in the world.  Her core interests are women’s rights, the marine environment, and native spirituality and environmental consciousness.

Sara combines an artistic flair with journalistic experience and an academic education in film & cinema.  She worked as a News Producer for C4News; an assistant producer for ITN Factual current affairs,  and worked for many years as a self shooting director, producer editor at Guardian Films.  She also directed ‘Combat Club’, a 13 part children’s Factual Entertainment series for Channel 5; produced ‘Commanding Heights’, a multiple award winning six part PBS series on global economics, which won Gold Award for Best Series on National and International Affairs, and had various Emmy nominations.

When working alone as a self shooting director-producer, she made films such as  ‘I Will Never Be Cut/ Abandon The Knife’  broadcast on Al Jazeera;  ‘A Wee Grey Fergie’  for BBC Alba, and ‘Wootton Bassett’ for CNN – filmed during the worst period of casualties in Afghanistan.

She made various films on ‘Street Kids’  for C4 and her C4News film on the ‘invisible’ wounded soldiers in America was a finalist in the Rory Peck Sony Impact Award 2004. It was also used by Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11.

Her TV career began as a producer working with George Carey and auteur director Michael Grigsby on  ‘Living with the Enemy’, a C4 film for ‘Witness’ about the moral dilemmas faced by the occupants of Guernsey during the German occupation of WW2.   ‘Summit About The Boy’ which she filmed won the 2008 IVCA Clarion Awards for Television.